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Mark Horton at Horton Law Offices LLC provides Criminal Defense, DUI & DWI defense, Civil Commitment defense legal services in Minneapolis and throughout Minnesota. 


Driver's License Issues and Charges

Why is my driver’s license suspended, revoked or cancelled? That is a typical question that Mark Horton hears when he first meets with clients.  Most clients have no idea that paying a “payable offense” can result in your driver’s license being suspended, revoked or even cancelled.  There are a myriad of reasons for the State of Minnesota to suspend, revoke or cancel your driver’s license. 

Another common response is that calling the general number provided on the revocation or suspension letter placed me on hold for almost a day.  The Minnesota Department of Public Safety (DPS) is a very busy state agency. They have tried to make customer service a priority, but they are just overwhelmed. Mark Horton has the knowledge and the contacts to get information quickly to his clients. 

Every driver’s license issue is different. It can be as simple as paying a $20 reinstatement fee or as complicated as negotiating a civil judgment and filing the satisfaction with district court.  Every driver’s license problem is unique to the client.   

Check the status of your driver’s license by clicking here and entering your driver’s license number.

Contact Mark Horton if your driver’s license is revoked, suspended or cancelled to get answers.  You might qualify for a limited driver’s license or work permit to drive to and from work or school.


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